These pages deal with the integration of EIB, a control network protocol that can transmit data over twisted pair, powerline and radio frequency used mainly in home and building automation, into a Jini environment. In this context, Jini - together with underlying control network technologies - could be the basis for the term "intelligent house" or "intelligent building". Since the demand for increased comfort in homes and commercial buildings and the corresponding requirements of cost- and energy-saving will always fuel the use of modern networking technologies, these terms represent a very huge market. Because Jini is intended to be used in portable and household devices it seems natural to combine its power with another system often found in home automation, the EIB fieldbus. Our project tries to link these two systems to benefit from each other.

Since the infrastructure of a typical EIB installation does not fully comply with the environmental assumptions of Jini, we propose the use of a proxy-oriented system architecture. Following our approach the interaction between EIB and Jini will lead to a new definition of the term "control network" itself. This approach follows our credo read "The Network is the Device!".


To be always informed about our current development, this section shortly lists the ongoing implementations and is updated regularly. When things are finished, they will be described in our project section in more detail.

Linux EIB driver for BCU 1
Linux EIB driver for BCU 2
New Visualization for Jini/EIB Gateway