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Grundlagen digitaler Systeme 183.580 VU 2.0
Technische Grundlagen der Informatik 183.579 VU 4.0
Impulstechnik 183.128 VO 2.0
Echtzeit-Programmiersprachen 183.170 VU 3.0
Dezentrale Automation 183.168 VO 2.0
Advanced Internet Security 183.222 VU 2.0
Dezentrale Automation 183.169 LU 2.0
Home and Building Automation 183.624 VU 4.5


Grundlagen digitaler Systeme 183.580 VU 2.0
Technische Grundlagen der Informatik für Wirtschaftsinformatik 183.627 VU 2.0
Technische Grundlagen der Informatik 183.579 VU 4.0
Advanced Distributed Automation 183.neu VU 2.0
Wireless in Automation 183.632 VU 3.0
Einführung in die Technische Informatik (alter Studienplan) 183.053 VO 4.0
Satellitennavigation 183.219 VO 2.0
Einführung in die Technische Informatik für Wirtschaftsinformatik (alter Studienplan) 183.265 VO 2.0
Internet Security 188.366 VU 2.0



Title: Project management: Start: Support:
CANOPUS Wolfgang Kastner 2015-05-01 FFG Energieforschungsprogramm
Building-Based Load Forecasts for Demand Side Management (BL4DSM) Wolfgang Kastner 2015-04-01 FFG Energieforschungsprogramm
AnyPLACE - Adaptable Platform for Active Services Exchange Wolfgang Kastner 2015-01-01 H2020-LCE-2014-3
Building Profiling for Energy Management (BProfEM) Wolfgang Kastner 2014-12-01 FFG IKT der Zukunft - P 845 627
OPC4Factory Wolfgang Kastner 2014-04-01 FFG Produktion der Zukunft - P 843 613
Secure and Semantic Web of Automation Wolfgang Kastner 2014-01-01 FFG - 1. Auschreibung IKT der Zukunft P840 206
Balanced Manufacturing (BaMa) Wolfgang Kastner 2013-10-01 FFG e!MISSION - P 840 746
Smart Grid Security Guidance (SG2) Wolfgang Kastner 2012-11-01 FFG Kiras - P836 276
Mobile Applikationen im Bereich der Industrieautomation Wolfgang Kastner 2012-08-01 Festo
Information Modeling in Automation (iModelA) Wolfgang Kastner 2012-05-02 FFG EraSME/COIN - P834 800
Hierarchisch und modular aufgebautes Brandmeldesystem (Fire IP) Wolfgang Kastner 2012-01-02 FFG
IoT6 Wolfgang Kastner 2011-10-03 FP7
Dienstgüte in der Industrieautomation Wolfgang Kastner 2011-06-01 Voith Paper Machine
Smart Web Grid Wolfgang Kastner 2011-03-31 FFG Energie 2020
BACnet/IP Device Driver Wolfgang Granzer 2011-02-21 NETxAutomation
Online-Konfigurator für Anzeigesysteme Wolfgang Kastner 2011-01-03 Swarco Futurit
Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks für technische Anlagen in der Verkehrstelematik (WiTAV) Wolfgang Kastner 2010-12-01 FFG Bridge P827 505
SysSec (Network of Excellence for Networking Systems Security Research in Europe) Christian Platzer 2010-09-01 The EU Commission
i-Code (Real-time Malicious Code Detection) Paolo Milani Comparetti 2010-07-01 The EU Commission
Interdisziplinäre Forschung zur Energieoptimierung in Fertigungsbetrieben Wolfgang Kastner 2010-05-01 FFG Neue Energien - P825 384
Networked miniSPOT Wolfgang Kastner 2010-04-01 FFG Kiras - P824 777
Web-based Communication in Automation (WebCom) Wolfgang Kastner 2010-02-01 FFG EraSME/COIN - P824 675
Bootloader Wolfgang Kastner 2009-11-23 scan Messtechnik GmbH
ThinkHome Wolfgang Kastner 2009-11-02 FFG Haus der Zukunft Plus - P822 170
Synchronized Distributed Test and Measurement Wolfgang Kastner 2009-11-02 OMICRON electronics GmbH
TRUDIE - Trust Relationships in Underground Economy Christian Platzer 2009-10-01 FIT-IT Trust in IT-Systems 3. Call
KNX IP Simulation Wolfgang Kastner 2008-11-01 KNX Association
KNX Safety Wolfgang Kastner 2008-10-01 KNX Association
SECoverer (Detection of Application Logic Errors in Web Applications) Christian Platzer 2008-09-01 FIT-IT Trust in IT-Systems 2. Call
LON Treiber Wolfgang Kastner 2008-02-01 mivune AG, Zürich, Schweiz
FORWARD (Managing Emerging Threats in ICT Infrastructures) Christopher Kruegel 2008-01-01 The EU Commission
WOMBAT (Worldwide Observatory of Malicious Behaviors and Attack Threats) Christopher Kruegel 2008-01-01 The EU Commission
Smart Home Wolfgang Kastner 2007-11-01 Siemens AG A&D ET, Regensburg, DI Georg Luber
GPS-based Automatic Guided Vehicle Wolfgang Kastner 2007-10-15 Komarek GmbH & Co. KG
Security in Building Automation Wolfgang Kastner 2007-06-01 FWF - P19673
Security Analysis SecComerce Software Christopher Kruegel 2007-06-01 BAWAG/PSK Bank
Hardware Abstraction Layer Wolfgang Kastner 2007-04-01 Mepa Dr. Leopold Gurtner
Pathfinder (Malicious Code Analysis and Detection) Christopher Kruegel 2007-03-01 FIT-IT Trust in IT-Systems 1. Call
MPA Plugin for the Festo Configuration Tool Wolfgang Kastner 2006-12-15 Festo
Software Security through Binary Analysis Christopher Kruegel 2005-10-01 FWF - P18157-N04
KNXLive! Wolfgang Kastner 2005
Calimero Wolfgang Kastner 2005
BCU SDK Martin Kögler 2005
Regelungstechnik Editor (RED) Wolfgang Kastner 2004
tuwien.auto EIB-Linux Device Driver Suite Wolfgang Kastner 2003
Petrinetz Editor (PED) Wolfgang Kastner 2003
IEA ECBCS Annex 58 Wolfgang Kastner 01.11.2013 FFG 843156

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