WPP - Compiling Server [mytel]

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If for some reason you do not want to install WPP on your site, you can still give it a try via email. Our compiling server is up and running 24 hours a day waiting for your programs to arrive. It will translate them and and send the results back to you.

Submission comprises the following steps:

  • Copy the units you want to translate into one single file. This file also has to contain the specs of packages that are withed by those units as long as they do not belong to the predefined language environment.
  • Send this file to wpp@auto.tuwien.ac.at, setting the subject to 'wpp'. For example: mail -s wpp wpp@auto.tuwien.ac.at < my_file

    The WPP compiling server then compiles your submission and returns the resulting Ada95 files (or error-reports) in a file-by-file manner via email.

    You can now compile those files with your favorite Ada95 compiler, provided that you first download the file 'woopdefs.ads' from our ftp-server (popper.auto.tuwien.ac.at:pub/wpp). This file contains a package with some declarations that are referenced in the generated code.

    If you happen to find an error in WPP, please send the offending source files to wpp@auto.tuwien.ac.at, setting the subject to 'error'.

    If you want to get the current version-number of the compiling server, put 'version' in your subject line.