Automatisiertes Zahlungs- und Vertragsmanagement im Bauwesen mittels Blockchain-Technologie und BIM 5D (FMCHAIN)


Support: FFG Smarte Datenwirtschaft AT/DE
Project management: Wolfgang Kastner
Project team: Thomas Preindl
Start: 2019-12-01
Finished: 2021-11-30



Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new way to describe a building using a modeling approach. The model cultivates an information base for building related tasks during the architectural design, construction, operation, and maintenance and allows the creation of a digital representation of the building (Building Digital Twin). Due to the increasing digital transformation in the construction industry, blockchains have been identified as a promising approach to prove transactions in planning/construction and management processes by building on the knowledge of previous transactions and validating the processes and sequences involved. Building automation is focused on measuring, controlling, and monitoring of tech-nical processes in buildings managed by automation networks and flexible infra-structure for communication between smart sensors, actuators and controllers. The technical facility management (TFM) covers the maintenance, planning and the operation of the complete technical infrastructure and building services. As part of the bilateral cooperation BIMCHAIN, smart contracts based on blockchain technology are to be investigated and tested for the entire life cycle of a building. The present FMCHAIN project is incorporated here, but focuses on the operating phase of a building. FMCHAIN is, therefore, researching how building automation systems and their databases can be seamlessly and securely inte-grated into a blockchain based architecture in order to e.g., automatically forward error messages and trigger underlying processes for correcting faults via smart contracts. FMCHAIN plans to initiate necessary maintenance and service pro-cesses via smart contracts that can be traced back to faulty or sub-optimal be-havior of the building services. The relevant data (such as measurements, feed-back from users) are traceable recorded, and according measures to e.g., correct the fault can be observed on the blockchain. As part of the project, innovative use cases will be defined, a system architecture conceptually developed and tested by a proof-of-concept that is in parallel subjected to a security audit. Subsequent-ly, it is planned to compare and integrate the local proof-of-concept with the work of the transnational project BIMCHAIN.

For more information, visit the project website of the transnational project BIMcontracts!


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