Offered Practicals/Theses

In former times, this page listed some of the open topics for project work (Praktikum), Bachelor and Master theses at our group. Meantime, our offered topics are published via TISS. Often, additional topics are available which are not listed on TISS. If you are interested in a specific offer, just contact the staff member listed.

The precise scope of work is defined together with the advisor. Funding may be available for work on certain topics, and collaborative work may be possible. Some topic descriptions are in German since they are mainly of interest for local students; should you require a translation, feel free to request it from the contact listed.

In addition, you are also welcome to propose an interesting topic of your own if it fits our area of competence. Please contact the members of our group to discuss these possibilities.

Finished Practicals/Theses

A selection of recently finished master theses and PhD thesis is listed below. Finished bachelor theses are collected and listed in the menu "Reports".

Home and Building Automation

Title: Type: Author: Supervisor:
Interface between smart buildings and smart grids Master Thesis Stefan Gaida Wolfgang Kastner, Daniel Schachinger
Highly available KNX networks Master Thesis Harald Glanzer Wolfgang Kastner, Lukas Krammer
Scalability analysis of a web-based IoT stack for automation systems Master Thesis Philipp Raich Wolfgang Kastner, Markus Jung
Tunneling ethernet traffic via redundant low bandwidth communication links Master Thesis Jürgen Schober Wolfgang Kastner, Lukas Krammer
Secure control applications in smart homes and buildings PhD Fritz Praus Wolfgang Kastner
Dependability in building automation networks PhD Lukas Krammer Wolfgang Kastner
Reliable control network gateways : a case study for KNX and ZigBee Master Thesis Stefan Seifried Wolfgang Kastner, Lukas Krammer
An integration middleware for the Internet of Things PhD Markus Jung Wolfgang Kastner
Defining an actor ontology for increasing energy efficiency and user comfort in smart homes Master Thesis Simon Steyskal Wolfgang Kastner, Mario Kofler
Analysis of testing methodologies for the internet of things Master Thesis Marc Grabner Wolfgang Kastner, Mario Kofler
An Ontology as Shared Vocabulary for Distributed Intelligence in Smart Home PhD Mario Kofler Wolfgang Kastner
Security of Building Automation Systems based on KNX and KNXnet/IP Secure Master Thesis Aljosha Judmayer Wolfgang Kastner,  Lukas Krammer
Model-Driven Engineering for Building Automation Systems Master Thesis Daniel Schachinger Wolfgang KastnerMarkus Jung
A Weather Ontology for Predictive Control in Smart Homes Master Thesis Paul Staroch Wolfgang Kastner,  Mario Kofler 
Content Aware Smart Routing Master Thesis Jürgen Galler Wolfgang Kastner,  Günther Gridling
Authorization as a service: Evaluating the platform as a service paradigm for XACML policy decision points Master Thesis Gregor Ryba Wolfgang KastnerMarkus Jung
Modelling a multi agent-system for smart homes Master Thesis Florian Bartl Wolfgang Kastner,  Christian Reinisch
Integration der Gebäudeautomation in das Internet der Dinge Master Thesis Jürgen Weidinger Wolfgang KastnerMarkus Jung
Interoperability at the management level of building automation systems: An OPC UA information model for BACnet Master Thesis Andreas Fernbach Wolfgang Kastner
ZigBee Network Layer Simulation on top of IEEE 802.15.4 Master Thesis Dominik Bunyai Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Smart Home Control Based on Behavioural Profiles PhD Félix Iglesias Vázquez Wolfgang Kastner
A framework for distributed intelligence for energy efficient operation of smart homes PhD Christian Reinisch Wolfgang Kastner
Secure and privacy aware data exchange in a service-oriented architecture Master Thesis Thomas Hofer Wolfgang KastnerMarkus Jung
KNX for OPC UA Bakk Patrik Ruß Wolfgang Kastner,  Wolfgang Granzer
Transmitting video data over narrow bandwidth control networks Master Thesis Felix Schuster Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Powerline in Building Automation Bakk Jürgen Maier Wolfgang Kastner
Ansätze für selbstlernendes Systemverhalten in der Heimautomation Master Thesis Thomas Abinger Wolfgang Kastner
Web Services in Building Automation with focus on BACnet/WS Bakk Stefan Szucsich Wolfgang Kastner
Inbetriebnahme Saia-Burgess Komponenten am Prozessmodell Bakk Thomas Wimmer Wolfgang Kastner
Web Services in der Gebäudeautomation mit Schwerpunkt auf oBIX Bakk Helene Oberhumer Wolfgang Kastner
ZigBee Bakk Markus Gerstner Wolfgang Kastner
Secure Communication in Home and Building Automation Systems PhD Wolfgang Granzer Wolfgang Kastner
Building Information Models in Building Automation Systems Master Thesis Boris Malinowsky Wolfgang Kastner
Enhanced TP-UART interface board Bakk Andreas Fernbach Georg Neugschwandtner
Securing Backbones for Embedded Home and Building Automation Networks Master Thesis Daniel Lechner Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Hardware Abstraction Layer für serielle Kommunikation und Software-Timer in embedded Devices Practical/Bakk Jörg Rohringer Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Bluetooth - KNX Gateway Practical/Bakk Dominik Windhab Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Security mechanisms for low-end embedded systems Master Thesis Thomas Flanitzer Wolfgang Kastner,  Fritz Praus
Simulation of a KNX network with EIBsec protocol extensions Master Thesis Wolfgang Köhler Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Heimautomationssysteme - Theorie und Praxis Master Thesis Hannes Brandstetter Wolfgang Kastner
Entwicklung einer API für KNXcalibur (Sensor, Actuator and Controller) Practical/Bakk Florian Guggenberger Fritz Praus
Calimero: Next Generation Bakk Boris Malinowsky Georg NeugschwandtnerWolfgang Kastner
BACnet/KNX Gateway für KNXcalibur Practical/Bakk Jürgen Weidinger Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Web services in building automation: Mapping KNX to oBIX Bakk Matthias Neugschwandtner Wolfgang KastnerGeorg Neugschwandtner
Wireless Communication in Home and Building Automation Master Thesis Christian Reinisch Wolfgang KastnerGeorg Neugschwandtner
Safety related mechanisms in networked building automation systems Master Thesis Bernhard Erb Wolfgang KastnerGeorg Neugschwandtner
Security in networked building automation systems Master Thesis Wolfgang Granzer Wolfgang KastnerGeorg Neugschwandtner
A versatile networked embedded platform for KNX/EIB - KNXcalibur Master Thesis Fritz Praus Wolfgang KastnerGeorg Neugschwandtner
Free Development Environment for Bus Coupling Units of the European Installation Bus Master Thesis Martin Kögler Wolfgang Kastner
Integration of EIB within OSGi environments Master Thesis Georg Neugschwandtner Wolfgang Kastner
UPnP connectivity for home and building automation Master Thesis Horst Scheichelbauer Wolfgang Kastner
Home automation systems based on powerline communication Master Thesis Christian Reichel Wolfgang Kastner
Entwicklung eines Softwaresystems zur Planung und Inbetriebnahme von Gebäudeautomationssystemen (BASys 2003) Master Thesis Oliver Alt Wolfgang Kastner
Realtime-Linux Device-Treiber für den Europäischen Installationsbus Master Thesis Christian Troger Wolfgang Kastner
Fernabfrage und -bedienung von EIB-Systemen Master Thesis Wolfgang Tumfart Wolfgang Kastner



Title: Type: Author: Supervisor:
Reliable devices for safe communication in networks Master Thesis Markus Klein Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Simulation-based evaluation of a fault-tolerant IP communication system Master Thesis Helene Sophie Oberhumer Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Reliable IP based communication for Fire Alarm Systems Master Thesis Johannes Kasberger Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Functional Safety in KNX Master Thesis Marco Steffan Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
IP-based Protocols for Fire Alarm Systems Master Thesis Michael Rupprechter Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Task scheduling in time triggered real time systems Master Thesis Markus Grössing Wolfgang Kastner



Title: Type: Author: Supervisor:
Hybrid Modeling of Production Systems: Co-simulation and DEVS-based Approach Master Thesis Bernhard Heinzl Wolfgang Kastner
Ontology matchmaking of product ramp-up knowledge in manufacturing industries PhD Roland Willmann Wolfgang Kastner
IMU-based smart fitness devices for weight training Master Thesis Peter Hausberger Wolfgang Kastner, Andreas Fernbach
Mobile Robotik: EKF-SLAM mit optisch erkannten Marken zur Bestimmung einer Fahrzeugposition Master Thesis Markus Macsek Wolfgang Kastner, Markus Bader
Management von Lastflexibilität im elektrischen Energiesystem 2020 Master Thesis Marcus Meisl Wolfgang Kastner
Einsatz von mobilen Plattformen als Visualisierungslösung in der Automatisierungstechnik Master Thesis Thomas Chrenko Wolfgang Kastner
Information Model and Security Concept for Distributed Traffic Management Applications based on Wireless Systems Master Thesis Stefan Szucsich Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Traffic control in industrial automation networks Master Thesis Christian Mauser Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Management-Technologien in der Verkehrstelematik PhD Christoph Stögerer Wolfgang Kastner
Online configurator for variable message signs Master Thesis Nikolas Wageneder Wolfgang Kastner
Methoden zur Positionsbestimmung für autonome Fahrzeuge Master Thesis Reinhard Raschbauer Wolfgang KastnerLukas Krammer
Near Field Communication - A survey of safety and security measures Bakk Martin Kerschberger. Wolfgang Kastner
A model for synchronized distributed test and measurement Master Thesis Bertram Stemer Wolfgang Kastner
Industrial Ethernet - Challenges and Drawbacks. Comparison of Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP Bakk Markus Klein Wolfgang Kastner
Advantages of Industrial Ethernet - Comparison of Modbus over TCP/IP and PROFINET Bakk Johannes Kasberger Wolfgang Kastner
On Enhanced Clock Synchronization Performance Through Dedicated Ethernet Hardware Support PhD Patrick Loschmidt Wolfgang Kastner
Motion Planning for Car-like Robots Master Thesis Lukas Krammer Wolfgang KastnerWolfgang Granzer
Ontologies in Automation Master Thesis Rainer Müller Wolfgang Kastner
Control and Visualization Software for Dynamic Route Information Panels I Master Thesis Christoph Stögerer Wolfgang Kastner
Control and Visualization Software for Dynamic Route Information Panels II Master Thesis Hannes Kulovits Wolfgang Kastner
Entwurf und Implementierung eines Interpreter-Plug-Ins für die Electronic Device Description Language Master Thesis Friedrich Kastner-Masilko Wolfgang Kastner
Topologie elektrischer Netze für Netzleitsysteme in Stromversorgungsunternehmen Master Thesis Levente Takacs Wolfgang Kastner
Design und Implementierung CT-01 Applikation Master Thesis Wolfgang Allgäuer Wolfgang Kastner
Neural networks in the rock mechanics field Master Thesis Christian Wallner Wolfgang Kastner



Title: Type: Author: Supervisor:
Embedded Security Analysis with Emphasis on Critical Infrastructures PhD Markus Kammerstetter Wolfgang Kastner
Bootkits revisited Master Thesis Bernhard Grill Wolfgang Kastner
Current state of browser extension security and extension-based malware Master Thesis Matthias Neumayr Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
IPv6 - a security analysis of tomorrow's communication protocol Master Thesis Eduard Thamm Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
Dynamic behavior monitoring of Android malware Master Thesis Luask Weichselbaum Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
Security and legal aspects of cloud computing Master Thesis Andreas Kronabeter Wolfgang Kastner
InjectionCop : a pluggable type checker for inferencing custom type qualifiers Master Thesis Michael Racz Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
Towards A write XOR execute architecture for JIT interpreters : lobotomy Master Thesis Michael Jauernig Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
Anomaly Detection Through Massive Event Correlation in ICT Networks Master Thesis Ivo Friedberg Wolfgang Kastner
On Austrian ePassport security Master Thesis Stefan Vogl Wolfgang Kastner, Christian Platzer
Silent Installs - Studying the Dark Side of the Pay-Per-Install Business Master Thesis Christian Pfeifhofer Wolfgang Kastner,  Christian Platzer
Detecting Illicit content in picture streams Master Thesis Martin Stütz Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer
iHoneyClient - discovery and analysis of malware for Mac OS X Master Thesis Bernhard Miller Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer
Automated extraction of economic information from underground marketplaces using machine learning Master Thesis Fabian Fischer Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer
Information leakage detection and prevention on Android devices Master Thesis Silvio Riener Wolfgang Kastner,  Gilbert Wondracek
Extracting economic information from underground marketplaces Master Thesis Valentin Habsburg-Lothringen Wolfgang KastnerGilbert Wondracek
Security Analysis of Metropolitan Locking Systems Using the Example of the City of Vienna Master Thesis Adrian Dabrowski Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer
Intrusion Detection for Power Utility Automation Networks Master Thesis Andreas Klien Wolfgang Kastner
Location Based Keys, Implementation of an encryption scheme Master Thesis Armin Novak Wolfgang Kastner
Real-time encrypted speech communication over low bandwidth channels Master Thesis Markus Kammerstetter Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer
On redirection patterns in spam Master Thesis Vladimír Drienovský Wolfgang Kastner,  Christian Platzer
Covertly probing underground economy marketplaces Master Thesis Hanno Fallmann Wolfgang KastnerGilbert Wondracek
Modular Security Enhanced Bootloader Bakk Bernhard Mathias Wolfgang Kastner
Dynamic Device Driver Analysis based on Virtual Machine Introspection Master Thesis Matthias Neugschwandtner Wolfgang KastnerChristian Platzer


Administrative tasks

Title: Type: Author: Supervisor:
An interactive learning approach for domotics Master Thesis Boris Malinowsky Wolfgang Kastner
Regelungstechnik mit Mathematica Master Thesis Joachim Lukasser Wolfgang Kastner
Petrinetz-Editor Practical Joachim Lukasser Wolfgang Kastner
Ein Testtool für die Laborübung ""Einführung in die Automation" Master Thesis Rainer Dibiasi Wolfgang Kastner


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